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Xiamen Xinfeng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is founded in 2007.It is a professional enterprise which integrates design and exploitation, production and sales and specializes in the production of auto Drain Trap and bypass valve, providing users in China and the globe more solid and effective products.

The professional production plant of Xinfeng is located in Xiamen city Jimei district. Xinfeng product design obtains multiple patents, the product practicality obtains the wide user’s unanimous praise.

Xinfeng Company is famous for developing high-performance and high-reliability auto Drain Trap and bypass valve and it has been the important supplier of auto Drain Trap and bypass valve with the support of our accumulated experience and innovative technology all over the world. The concept of “continuous innovation and service worldwide” becomes the solid foundation for Xinfeng Company to develop business and extend regions in different industry and applications.

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